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Quick Rename is a batch renaming program that utilizes an assortment of renaming schemes as listed below.

    • Mac OS X Compatible
    • Rename many files at once (long filename's under Mac OS X supported).
    • Incremental file naming (Increasing or decreasing).
    • Easily replace a word or character found in a files name (supports multiple occurences).
    • Features drag & drop.
    • Add information to a files name (Before or after).
      • Any text
      • Prefixes (MS-DOS / MS Windows)
      • Date (Created & Modified)
      • Time (Created & Modified)
      • Size
    • Incremental numbers
    • Upper, Lower, Proper, or ReverseCase
    • File's parent folder name Advanced Trim Options (From left, right, and specified ranges)
    • Filter the files that you want by:
      • Prefix (MS-DOS / MSWindows)
      • Date & Time of file's created
      • Date & Time of file's modified
      • Hour & Minutes
      • Creator Code
      • Type Code
      • Step Selection
      • Narrow selection by a search filter
      • Even, Odd, All, or None
    • Preview the outcome before changing anything.
    • Detailed status information.
    • Built in Help menu.
    • Save file information to XML, plain text or delimited file (Export).
    • Store preset options as a 'scheme'
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